Trail Report for the Weekend of September 12-14th:

Fall weather is settling in and the riding is getting prime!  This weekend the Bike Park will be open:

Friday - 11AM-6PM

Saturday & Sunday  - 9AM-6PM

This weekend we welcome the racers taking on our 3rd Annual King of the Mountain Enduro Race, part of the North American Enduro Tour and the Eastern Enduro Triple Crown Series.  The Crüe has really outdone themselves this year, putting together a course that brings a little bit of everything to the table.  If you're looking to race with us, registration will be open from 9AM - 2PM tomorrow for onsite regisration.

Due to the race the following trails will be closed for a period of time on Sunday:  The Cross Country Trails, Ego Trip, Greenhorn, Deviant, Domboo, Triple Drop, Breakout, Stalker, Crap Chute, Gingerbread, Outlaw, Monarch, Tempest, DMLH.

The BagJump will not be in operation this weekend.

So here are our Trail Crüe picks of the week:

  • Enduro Stage 1 - Fresh cut just for this race!
  • Enduro Stage 2 - Cross-Country Flow
  • Enduro Stage 3 - Best of tour of our machine groomed trails
  • Enduro Stage 4 - A challenge for pros and ams alike
  • Enuro Stage 5 - Gnarls barkley.  Pros only

Good luck to all our racers!  We'll see you at the Giant Bicycles after party at the Biergarten on Sunday!

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  • Weather
  • Temp 43°
  • Weather Mostly Clear
  • Mountain Info
  • Resort Status Sat - Sun 9AM - 7PM, Mon-Fri 12PM - 7PM
  • Trails
  • Trails Open 51

+ Expand Trail Report

Beginner Terrain

Trail Name Trail Status Comments
Greenhorn Open
Domboo Open
Lower Alpine Open
Skills Area Open

Intermediate Terrain

Trail Name Trail Status Comments
Breakout Open
Ego Trip Open

New Features!

Deviant Open
Crap Chute Open
Indy Open
Cross-Country Trails Closed

Closed due to Spartan Race

Advanced Terrain

Trail Name Trail Status Comments
Twist Open
The Jack Open
Bushwack Open
Fat Lip Open
Triple Drop Open
Outlaw Open
Evil Bob Open
Slayer Open
Alpine Open

Newly Designed!

Retreat Open
Legion Open
Monarch Open
Tempest Open
Careless Whisper Open
Stalker Open
Asylum Open
Waterboy Open
Lower Ripper Open
Frog Pond Open
Epitath Open
Road to Nowhere Open
Great Northern Open
Gingerbread Open
Sideshow Bob Open
Candyland Open

Expert Only

Trail Name Trail Status Comments
Deceit Open
BMW Open
Exodus Open
Ripper Open
Test of Metal Open
Lower Exodus Open
USO Open
Utah Open
Stigmata Open
99 Open


Trail Name Trail Status Comments
Upper Dominion Open
Covenant Open
Pipeline Open
Lower Dominion Open
Salvation Open
BagJump Open

Open Sat & Sun 1PM to close