Cancellation Policies

Season Pass Cancellation Policy:

1)    A NO REFUND policy is in effect once the season pass has been purchased. Mountain Creek may, at its discretion, approve a credit towards a season pass for the next season or in some cases allow for a monetary refund (credit card or check ONLY).  Reasons to request a credit are limited to:  any debilitating injury or illness that prevents participation in the sport of biking; relocation/transfer due to employment more than 100 miles from Mountain Creek.

 2)    A written letter must be mailed or delivered to Guest Services (to the attention of the Guest Services Manager) by the passholder stating their reason for a request for credit on or before October 1st. In cases where the passholder has sustained injuries or illness, a physician's letter describing the ailment and length of time the passholder is unable to participate must accompany the request.  Only an injury or illness that prevents the passholder from participating will be considered for credit.  Credit will not be issued for injuries or illnesses sustained after August 15th of the current season.  In the event of employment or education related relocation, a letter from your employer (on company stationary) or educational institution stating the new location and effective date is required; along with a person we may contact in the event we need to further verify the relocation. A request will not be considered complete until all supporting documentation and the season pass has been submitted.

 3)    An awarded credit amount is valid only for the following bike season and cannot be extended beyond that season.

 4)    A request for transfer of a pass to a family member or friend will be considered with a proper 'Request for Transfer' written in the same fashion as a 'Request for Credit or Refund', along with paperwork from a physician, employer or educational institution.

 5)    In cases of credits for medical reasons, credits will only be issued to the person who sustained the injury or illness. Credits will not be extended to family members or friends.

 6)    Passholders who are granted a credit will have the credit amount pro-rated based upon the date their letter of request for credit/refund is received by Guest Services and/or the GS Manager. Requests for credit must be submitted by October 1st in order to receive consideration for a credit to be issued. Credits will not be issued for injuries, illnesses or transfers sustained after August 15th.

Attention: Guest Service Manager

200 Route 94

Vernon, NJ 07462